Our main two languages are Russian and Latvian. English language it’s not required.

When a teacher is lecturing in English (most of them from overseas), we always provide translation into Russian and Latvian.


Annual Schedule

Our program has two periods:

– 1st Period. It runs from the first week from September, to the 3rd week of December.

– Winter holidays (Three weeks)

– 2nd Period. It runs from the 3rd week of January to the last week of May.


Weekly Schedule

It runs from Monday 10:00hs to Friday 13:30hs.

Here you can see how it looks one full day at BSM:





List of Subjects

We have different kind of subjects with teachers from Latvia and other countries as well. Here you can see the main subjects that we have:





Christian Ethics Old & New Testament Surveys Introduction to the Bible
Leadership Pentateuch God-Trinity
Marriage & Family Historical Books Man and Sin
Hermeneutics Major & Minor Prophets Christ – Salvation
World Missions Synoptic Gospels Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts Gospel of John Eschatology
Spiritual Disciplines Acts
Homiletics General Epistles
Work of the Pastor Pastoral Epistles
Apologetics Hebrews
Cults and Religions 1&2 Corinthians
Children Ministry
Biblical counseling